We are the oldest student run choir who invites women, including graduate students, from the entire Rutgers community to join us. Hybridizing a choral group with a mellow sorority, we cultivate a relaxed social atmosphere where we can enjoy singing as a group. Known for singing traditional Rutgers music, QC also sings a variety of music at their biannual concerts.


The 1970's

The 70's saw the beginning of QC and the development of its character. The name changed from the Rutgers Womens Chorale to the Rutgers Queens Chorale.

1972: Women are admitted to Rutgers College.
1974: Rutgers Women's Chorale is founded by women in Kirkpatrick Choir so that they could enjoy singing the traditional Rutgers songs. Their director is Dr. David Drinkwater.
November 25, 1975: The chorale had its debut concert at the Rutgers Parents Association Meeting.
1978: Frederick Ford becomes director of QC.

The 1980's

The 80's saw the beginning of one of our favorite traditions, the cows and calves. Every new member of the choir, rookie, is a calf, and each gets her own cow, an older, wiser member of the group.

1986: Francis Slade directs QC for one year.
1987: Michael Fardink directs QC for one year.
1988: Stephen Russel becomes the director for Queens Chorale.

The 1990's

1995: Budget cuts hit QC. With the specialization of Mason Gross School of the Arts, the Rutgers Queens Chorale is de funded. Other drawbacks for QC from the MGSA changes were that students could no longer receive credit for participating in QC and QC lost rehearsal space in McKinny Hall.

The 2000's

2002: Sarah Thiffault becomes director of QC for one year. 
2003: Andri Hadjiandreou becomes director of QC.
2006: Victor Shen becomes director of QC.
2010: Brenda Earle becomes director of QC.


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